Dennis Lee

Hugo: Jekyll-style date and slug from filename!

BTFOing all of my problems with Hugo!


OK, so this is now the 3rd post in this saga about automatic Hugo front matter from filenames. This supersedes my 1st and 2nd posts on the subject.

I now have exactly the behavior of Jekyll, where you name files in the format and the post date is automatically detected as YYYY-MM-DD and the slug as title-slug. Without explicitly specifying any extra front matter in each individual post! Here’s how:

# config.toml
	date = [":filename", ":default", ":fileModTime"]

The important piece is the initial ":filename". This is what enables the behavior described above. If it doesn’t work, it falls back on the subsequent options. ":default" is a shortcut for the default detection behavior.

I’ve also added ":fileModTime" as the last option which is exactly what it sounds like. I have it last because in my experience, while it’s better than nothing, the file system is not quite trustworthy for determining when you actually last modified a file. Sometimes just moving between file systems and storage formats, or having some program open it in write mode without actually making any changes can trigger it.

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